Food and Mealtimes

Snacks and drinks are included in our hourly fee structure.  For those children who are with us over lunch time, families have the opportunity of either bringing in a packed lunch from home or utilising our “Hot Lunch” service which is charged at £2.20 per day.

  • Packed lunches – If you are bringing food in from home please note that we are “nut aware”, and strongly encourage pack lunches that are free from chocolate and low in fat and salt. Plenty of healthy pack lunch ideas can be found at
  • Hot lunches - Our nursery is proud to be able to serve hot lunches which are prepared and cooked by the team at Roselands Primary School. Roselands Primary school are one of a handful of schools that are accredited by “Food for Life” (  To obtain this accreditation the school have met stringent guidelines around healthy eating, Variety of flavours, portion control and sustainability.  As well as providing your child a healthy lunch our hot meal service provides an opportunity to experience the food that they will be offered when they start school.  Lunches are ordered via the nursery office; the current lunch menu can be found here.